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Vintage Race Car


Rotation Video..

here is a video of the car in rotation with the engine running.


Community member takes a stab a blue version!

A community member contacted me to ask if they could build a version.  I sent them a few picutres of the dis-assembled car and they were able to create a version in the dark blue.  It came out awesome! 



Took a stab at actually building up the Red version(instead of just a colorized mockup) - here is the result.  


Mockups of possible color choices.

Here are some mockups of possible color variants in Red, Sand Green, and Sand Blue (Thanks to Mardy Brown who threw these togehter for me!)      


Color change?

Someone suggested that a brighter color might be better.  So a quesiton for all the supporters, Red or Grey?  Add a note in the comments with your preference. 


Figured out the video thing

I figured out how to post link to a video (LEGO Ideas does it automagically if you use youtube.  


Video of running engine

I totall spaced and did not include a video of the engine running in the description.  I am not sure how to directly link to the video so it shows up in the update.