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McDonald's Franchise 1955-1969



Thank you all so much for your support and words of encouragement. Let's hope I can make it to 10k!!!




Hello everyone!

I just wanted to say thank you for all your support over the last couple months. As a fellow AFOL, it really means a lot to me to read that so many of you would want to build and own my design. When I realized this partcular franchise design was never really built or submitted before I saw an opportunity to create a retro Lego set that would combine my love of 50's pop culture, cars, signage and of course, Lego!

Here's hoping I can make it to 10k!




Fryer Wall

I realized I never fully showed this wall. Here it is. 

Also changed the orange soda fountan to trans orange. :)


Piece 6184

I realize that the main piece that makes up the arches has not been released in a set since 2004 and is likely permanently discontinued. Since I don't know if this piece can still be manufactured or not I'd like to propose alternative arches with pieces that I know are currently available. It's a little clunkier than the arches in the original design, but maybe the sizing is better. What do you think? 

In addition, I played with the colors of the convertible and added a rear bumper to the pick-up. 

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