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McDonald's Franchise 1955-1969


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McDonald's holds a special place in the collective consciousness of nearly the entire planet. It's a place where we share many touchstone memories. 

I made this model both because the McDonald's brand is so ubiquitous, and because I love the original franchise design. It's such a fun, playful and iconic example of Goggie architecture and deserves to be celebrated. I took special care in doing research for graphics, layout, and equipment. The layout is designed around the 'Speedee System' and equipment includes cash registers, cola and orange soda fountains, a multimixer for milkshakes, a grill, a lazy Susan for burger dressing, deep fryer and fry warmer. I even recreated the original McDonald's mascot, also named Speedee, for the sign. I included two late-fifties era vehicles: a convertible for the teenage couple and a pick-up truck for the older farmer. This set also includes five cheerful employees. 

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