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Forest Hut: Crocodile Surprise


Howdy folks!

This is my set that I'm proposing.  It is a hut overtaken by animals, plants, and rot.  The story of this set is this the guy in this couple is taking his date into the forest to play her his special song that he made.  Little does he know he is wandering into crocodile territory.  He finds a good spot next to this harmless hut he found in the woods.  Harmless up until the crocodile jumps out from behind the hanging leaves.  

The hut has 4 bottles within that one unwary traveler stumbled upon and drank out of, now he is only a skeleton.  Also I added a frog in the rotted chimney just for laughs :)

This set comes with 3 minifigures (counting the skeleton) and 5 animals (crocodile, rat, bat, and 2 frogs).  Plus a guitar for the minifigure to play his heart out.  I think this should become a set because it is fun to play around with and customize.  You can add it to your shelf of lego sets and it would fit right in.

Supports and comments are greatly appreciated.  Thanks for checking out my creation.

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