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The Fortress of Roman Legion

The fortress of Roman Legion.

This is modular building which consist of Principia (headquarters), six barrack of legions, one barracks of Auxiliary unit (ex. archers), one barrack of cavalry, four gates, four towers, eight wall parts and four corner towers.

You can enlarge to adding modules.

This was designed by Lego Digital Designer

Principia - the headquarters of fortress
- Picture: On left: left roof, left 2nd level, 1st level, right 2nd level, right roof
- two levels
- First level: two guard rooms (upper corners), stairs (on left), treasure room (on right), room of Aquilifer (carried the legionary eagle) and ???? (on left down corner) and room of Praefectus castrorum (veteran centurio). Yard is in center and two gates.
. Second level: Command level: begs of Legasus and his right hand, command table, whose below secret door to guardroom.


- Two levels
- First level: Oven (brown), 11 beds, table. Left side wall can open.
-Second level: 10 bed of soldiers, one bed of signifer, one bed of hornmen and one bed of centurio, one bed of optio.

Barrack of cavalry

... to five horsemen and their horses

All modules.

Tower's height is 25 bricks.

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