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Siege the castle !


the castle with full landscape, extra houses and more

A few pictures of my final build. A lot has been added, probably way too much pieces for a lego ideas project ...

I hope you like it, 

I took a long time too finish to, i'm very busy with my next project 



4 parts of plates are turned with different angles. This technique is combined with different heigths that make it very difficult to build but very nice (in my opinion :-) ) 

The wall in front of the inn is leaning backwards, the well is 6 bricks deep,

When you turn the chimney the watermill will turn.


there are caves under the castle


Someone dug a tunnel, but it doesn't seem safe anymore ...


my real version of the castle and siege engines

Presenting the real one,

Watch on Youtube 


First of all i present my excuses for my bad english, i'm from France. I'm doing my best :-)

Concerning the minifigs, I didn't espacially wanted the kingoms soldiers against the blue 2009 castle series soldiers (only ones available on I used my soldiers of the 2013 castle series instead, plus some of my medieval villagers.

thanks again for your support !!!