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Siege the castle !


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Siege the castle! 

The working battering ram and the siege tower are approaching! The women and children must seek to hide! All men to arms, defend the walls! 

This castle used to be a peaceful place to live, a peasant is repairing his plow at the smith. The inn is a very cosy place to have a drink. The armour shop has nice things to sell this year. 


But enemy soldiers are coming, they have advanced siege equipment, ready to launch their assault. Will the soldiers be able to hold? It's up to your imagination!  



The Idea, 

This project is obviously a coming back of the castle theme in a nostalgic way. If the construction is very much inspired by the sets of the 90s, my idea is how they may form a huge castle and how the playability can be improved with the building techniques of today. 

I particularly like the siege tower because of its look, but the battering ram is more fun because of its function with a hidden shock absorber. It kicks really well! 

I tried to keep the construction simple enough, with not too much detail. If adults might like it, I'd be happy to see them build and play with their kids. With all the individual parts of walls, the instructions should actually be very simple. 

The part list shows 'only' 1956 pieces. It still is a lot, but for its size (53 x 64 studs) it's quite bigger than a 48x48 baseplate. 

The walls are connected between each other in the same way as the 2013 castle sets (70402 and 70404). There are in total 9 parts that can be assembled in different ways, as seen in the last pictures. 


Working on this project, 

I've been working on this project since October last year. Most parts I build them 5 or 6 time on the design program but when I build them for real I realised I had to start all over again. It's really important to test all the playability functions for real. 

I'm quite happy with the final result, my boys (5 and 7) agree, they are having a lot of fun. 



Want to have fun also? Support this project and help me to see this set come to live! 


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