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The Westfield FW300 ST2

This is a racing car. A Westfield ST2 also called, 7SE. 
Westfield is an English sport cars company.
Westfield is building cars from 1983, and start to build the ST in 2007.
The ST (Sport Turbo) is a Lotus replica.

My dream is to own a black and red one.

I built this car because I’m fond of Racing.
My favorite cars are the Lotus Seven, the Westfield ST, and the KTM XBow.
I tried to make a lot of details, the more realistic I could, the steering wheel, the hand brake, car seats and the gear lever. The radiator grill was the most difficult part to create.

Have a look at the car cockpit, and at the front wheels. 
It could make a great LEGO set because it is easy to build, and it would make a perfect present for a child.
My son already play with this set every day and just asked me to build a covered one.
If you love cars or racing, thanks, and tell me in comments.
Thank you for watching and for the support.