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Townhouse "Flower Shop"


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I love the old houses from 100 years ago with their rich ornaments but not that overwhelmed. I tried to bring that style of elegant art nouveau or neogotic into a lego townhouse. I like to think about what kind of brick I can use for ornaments.
I like the combination between flower and art nouveau. So here it is: The flower hotel! It should look like an old house with that typical flaking plaster. I'm not shure how many floors it should have. I like the proportions with 5 floors very much. On the other hand it would be cheaper with 4 floors. So I post both versions.
Playability: You can stack in and off the whole interieur (floors and staircase) to the external wall. The external wall consists only of the front and right side, that makes it easier to handle and you don't use that much bricks.

- 4-5 floors
- ground floor: flower store, entrance hall with big candelabrum, reception, caffé
- 1.-3. floor: hotel rooms with, chimney, living rooms, bedrooms,
- 4. floor in the gable: room for staff
- staircase with toilets between the floors
- (old car with men)
- 7 minifigures: young men and woman, old men and women, concierge, chambermaid, flower sales girl

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