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Green Luxury Townhouse

This is the new Green Luxury Townhouse.  I built this set because I needed more houses in my Lego city layout.  I think that this would be a great set because it is more of an entry level modular building built on a 16 x 32 baseplate rather than the more challenging Lego Creator Expert modular buildings.  Although this set is an entry level build, it still contains the same level of detail as a Creator Expert modular building inside and out.  Inside this build you will find a sofa, TV, and small kitchen on the first floor.  Then on the second floor there is a bed and small desk.  The top level contains a storage space and a balcony.  It also comes with one minifigure, a dog, and even a mouse.  To add to the already amazing detail this set has to offer it also contains a trash can, mailbox, and a small frog in the garden bed.

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