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Geometry Dash

This LEGO set is based on a well known cube game platformer called Geometry Dash.
In this set you can play as the cube, about 3 different coloured players (red, green and yellow). You can add blocks (even floating ones), add decorations such as flames, chains. Game-modes such as Ship + UFO portals. Obstacles as spikes and blocks and more!

Also, a nice background that has a geometrical shape to it and a big end portal with particles (studs). When a level is completed, that's the same in the real game!
There are different blocks aside to play with, so you can make many combinations here, which is unique! (example shown in pictures).

Reason why I think this set would be a great LEGO set is because you can customise a lot of different types of stuff that exists in the game. Many combinations that I think adults and kids will love!

Geometry Dash is owned by Robert Topala.

I, Myself, have played the game for a long time and I enjoy it a lot :D

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