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Windmill & Workshop (Fully Motorized!)


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Welcome! My new idea contains a windmill that supplies a wood workshop with mechanical energy. Here the best and most beautiful furniture in the city is made from tree trunks!

This windmill isn't the first one I've built. When I was 6 or 7 years old, I was given a box full of old Lego bricks including two gears which I used to build my first windmill. Now, more than 10 years later I have built a new version. Admittedly, it's a bigger and much more detailed one. Moreover, this mill has more functions than the previous one. In particular, these functions make my idea so special!

Motorized funktions (check out the video below!):

  • Rotating windmill blades
  • Gang saw
  • Circular saw
  • Drill press
  • Wood lathe

Manual functions:

  • Turning of the cap of the mill
  • Opening of the side doors
  • Turning the wings of the "Mini-windmill" in front

This model includes 2500-3000 Lego pieces as well as 4 minifigures (Workshop owner, employee, customer, miller of the neighboring water mill). Power functions (L-motor) and some animals are also included.

When building this model, apart from the technical functions (i really wanted to motorize machines in minifigure scale), I focused on the special shape of the windmill. This was definitely a big challenge, especially because the whole model had to be modular and have details inside. It was a complex task, but that was the reason why I chose this building. All in all, I am now satisfied with the result and the mixture of detailed design and functionality.
I used some parts in unusual ways, e.g. buckets for the roof, Nexo Knights shields for the floor, a unicorn horn as a drill... Can you find more?

I think the mix of these creative part usages, complex building techniques, and overall functionality will make this set interesting to a wide variety of Lego fans.

Thanks for reading the text so far! If you like the idea, feel free to support it and please write a comment!

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