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Megalodon - Unexpected Encounter

I built this idea because I think that Lego misses a similar set, and I would really like to be able to exhibit it in my house!

I like the ocean and the mysteries it hides, like wrecks or new species of animals. In fact most of our planet's waters are unexplored.

So I thought of creating a set dedicated to one of the most feared aquatic predators ever: the Megalodon! I tried to make this scene dynamic by reproducing the ripple of the ocean and the splashes of water near the great shark.

This vignette is designed for both fear and humor. The divers are frightened by the huge megalodon, which is actually attracted to the freshly caught fish and is about to make them return home empty-handed :) This project counts about 1200 pieces.

If you like this idea please support me and share it to make it a LEGO set!


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