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Miniature NKP 765 Excursion Train


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What inspired this project:
It was late 2016 when the idea of building this project came to mind. At that time, I had been browsing miniature LEGO train MOC (My Own Creation) builds. One of those MOCs was a miniature replica of the Southern Pacific Daylight 4-8-4 steam locomotive built by "The Brick Files". This model, as well as miniature LEGO train sets form times past, ultimately became the inspiration for this model. I hope you like it!

Project description:
This project is 765 pieces. Wait...this project is based off a Nickel Plate Road steam locomotive numbered "765", and this project is 765 pieces. Coincidence? I think NOT! In continuation, this project includes a steam locomotive--of course--and six passenger cars, two of which are identical. Besides ol' 765, the passenger cars are based upon the cars pulled by the locomotive every summer.

Thank you all so much for checking out this project! If you have any suggestions or opinions about this project you'd like to state, please feel free to share them in the comments section above. Note that I will be gone for ninety days starting January 13th. That means I will return by Easter Sunday. Have a great day, everyone, and take care! Submitted by Joseph cheeseinthepie on January 8th, 2020.

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