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Medieval Cottage


If I could go back in time and go back to a distant era, this is the place where I wanted to live! On top of a hill, in a small house surrounded by greenery, a small house but welcoming. A house that conveys love and family warmth just looking at her.​

This is what I thought before you realize it.

The design and construction of the house revolves around the roof, I wanted it to be corrugated to look a little 'lived and worn by time. The hardest part was the laying of the roof on the sloping walls.

This could be a set suitable to the real experts, because it includes many pieces that they should be carefully making sure to distinguish the many shades of color. A real challenge!

I hope it will appeal to many people, especially I hope I can give some happy moment for those watching this can get lost in their own dreams as I do.

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