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Imperial Hot Tub


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Welcome, Trooper!

Before you is the standard issue Imperial Hot Tub!!

As a Stormtrooper, you know bringing peace to the galaxy is difficult and stressful work.  The Empire understands that.  That’s why troopers are permitted to spend their rec time at either the firing range or the Imperial Hot Tub.   

Before you jump in, let me show you around.  Along with the Imperial Hot Tub, you can order a frosty drink at the snack bar!  Once you get enough tub time, you can cool off at the game table.  While you are lounging, take a moment to check out the wanted posters.

As you know, the destruction of the Death Star brought about a lot of changes, including the “buckets on” rule.  That means all Stormtroopers are required to keep their helmets on whenever possible in order to have maximum readiness.  So keep your helmet on and enjoy the Imperial Hot Tub!!

Play set features:

  • Imperial Hot Tub.   
  • Snack Bar.
  • Three Stormtrooper mini-figures.
  • One R4-81 refreshment delivery droid.
  • Game table with chairs.
  • "Sabacc card game" tiles.
  • Wanted poster featuring four rebel scum.
  • Drinks!

Log in and vote today!  Soon your troopers will be relaxing in the Star Wars Imperial Hot Tub.

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