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Lego Cockatiel


This is a Lego cockatiel.  Cockatiels are talking birds that are often kept as pets.  They can live up to 15 years.  This kit has 45 pieces and makes an excellent beginner's kit.  This would make a good kit because Lego could make a series of bird kits featuring different types of birds.  They like to waddle as they walk and move their head like a chicken.  Cockatiels like to chew things including tablecloths and fabric.  They also like to repeat sounds that they hear like a microwave beeping.  Some cockatiels can get along with dogs, cats, and other pets.  This Lego cockatiel kit can be displayed on a stand or in a Lego birdcage.  This kit can easily be assembled in 15 minutes or less. 

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