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Elephant Tower


The Elephant Tower looks similar to an elephant with its tail, eyes, ears, a trunk, and tusks. The model has 493 windows on the sides front and back of it. It is 6 inches tall, 7.5 inches long,and 1.25 inches wide. The colors in it are the following: black, medium stone grey, and brick yellow. It has 712 bricks total.

To build the model, start with the base (two 4X12 plates beside each other to make 4X24) and put rectangle shapes where the trunk and legs will go. From there, begin adding angular bricks to represent windows on the model. The tail was put on by using black 1X2 and 2X2 Lego bricks sticking out of the tower. To add the eyes, two 1X1 regular bricks with one stud on the side were placed where a window would go on both sides of it; and then two black round studs were put on those two studs to look like elephant eyes. The ears were made from two 1X2 sloping bricks on both sides attached using bricks with studs on the side. The tusks are just three plate stacked on top of each other on each side.

This Lego model is based on a real skyscraper - the Elephant Tower. The real Elephant Tower (also known as the Chang Building) is 335 feet tall and 560 feet long. This building was completed in 1997 and is located in Bangkok, Thailand.

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