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Portal: Test Chamber Diorama

Enter The Aperture Science Computer-aided Enrichment Center and stand by for Brick-based testing!

Based off Valve Software's award winning videogame, Portal reinvented the puzzle based video-game and made its name in the gaming industry. Many were introduced to Chell, the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, and the various Test Chambers of Aperture Science as they solved puzzle after puzzle. With it's puzzle solving mechanics, the game gave users a unique and innovate way of play!

This Lego set aims to pay homage to the various chambers found within the facility through this table top diorama! At only 851 pieces, the diorama gives builders a number of details and references! From the Weighted Storage Cube, to the watchful camera adorning each chamber, to the button needed to open the chamber lock! But that is not the only areas available to Chell, as the maintenance area underneath contains its own detailing and props. And I can't lie, there will be cake!

The set includes the following:
  • Chell: The protagonist of the Portal series, Chell is the silent but resilient test subject we all know and love. Armed with her Portal Device and Long-fall Boots, she can take on any task and solve any test!
  • Weighted Storage Cube: There's more than meets the eye with this box! Throughout the game, the player must reach this Weighted Cube in order to activate the buttons needed to escape.
  • Chamber Lock: An interactive chamber lock can be opened and closed in the back of the set! Simply twist the gears and the doors will move!
  • Cake: Find the cake after finishing the test!

Portal was one of the first video games I ever played on the computer and through it, led me to my passion for gaming! Through the puzzle based mechanics, it redefined what a game could by showing how you could use problem solving techniques and practices in video games. I wanted to give the fans of this game an opportunity to remember what made the original game so great, while combining that with the creativity and freedom of Lego!

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