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German Steam Engine BR01-1075

Dear all,

here is my 2 cents for a German Steam engine of the BR type.
The idea is to have:
-main BR01 engine
-add on carriages of different types, e.g. first/second class, diner, and night train.

This Lego model has PF included throughout.
After being inspired by all the great Lego train builders such as SavatheAggie and Ben Beneke, I wanted to try my hand at building a train as well.
The original BR01-1075 train is currently owned by the dutch steam association SSN and can be seen running around trainstations in the Netherlands and Germany. Thorsten Benter helped me in attaching rubber rings to the XL-BBB wheels for extra grip.

The Lego version created by me is driven by two M-motors in the boiler and a regular train motor under the tender, the battery pack is inside the tender. The scale is 1:45. The slopes of the boiler containing the two M motors are stacked on a 4x4 stud core, making for a leaner boiler. The M-motors driving the big wheels are geared to such that the speed of generated by the big wheels matches the speed of the regular train motor.

A clip showing the locomotive in action is shown here:

By applying multiple pivot points the gap between locomotive and tender is 1 stud, while it can still negotiate pivot points as shown here:

More details of the BR01-1075 can be found here:

Kind regards,


The model and the driver.

The real steamer.

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