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Star Wars the Old Republic D-5 Mantis


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This is the D-5 Mantis from the video game Star Wars the Old Republic. I've never played the game, but was actually introduced to the ship via another project on Lego Ideas. That person only put up artwork of the ship and suggested that someone else should try to build it in here it is!


This is by far the most complicated thing I've completed on LDD. It has slightly over 1500 parts, and that's without a detailed interior or minifigures. There is actually ample room inside for figures, a room or two, and details, but the exterior took long enough!

As you can see, it splits apart to allow access to the interior, as well as having a rear ramp and opening cockpit. (The cockpit piece would need some printing to resemble the actual ship design.) The chin turret rotates and elevates. The two wings/engines are on ball sockets and rotate freely (as pictured in my reference material). The third engine on the bottom would also be easily removed via a single pin to display it in a landed position.

I hope some fans of the game enjoy this project. Also, I encourage any of you Star Wars fans to suggest appropriate figures to include! I will update it with the results. If this makes it to 10,000 it would be a mega set and a lot of fun for everyone (especially me) so VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! Please share, comment, and view my profile for a few other unique SW projects!


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