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Star Wars the Old Republic D-5 Mantis



Thank you all SO much for the kind remarks! I do think this ship has an interesting design and could be done in Lego with great affect. This project won't make it, but hopefully the support you have all shown will urge Lego into considering a model of this ship as part of their lineup.

Best of luck with all of your projects!!


The Orca

It certainly seems like Lego is against the idea of letting a JAWS themed set appear on this site. My Orca project was denied on first submission. If you happened to see my previews on other project updates, and were looking forward to supporting the set, I have added the LDD file to BrickSafe. Here is a link to my page, so you can download the full file and generate instructions:



What good is a ship with no pilot?

Thanks to Vorox098, I was able to figure out which characters would be best for the Mantis set. He suggested Shae Vizla and the droid 2V-R8, so here they are! 2V-R8 really needs a new piece created for his head, but I did the best I could with LDD. There is also a really perfect custom Shae Vizla already available from an aftermarket minifig producer on the internet, but I got pretty close with standard parts.

I also added a shot of the ship in landing position. I'm almost positive the ball joints wouldn't support this pose (or any) in real life, but I've yet to discover a sturdier way to attach them while maintaining a full range of motion.


Coming Soon to a Lego isle near you!

So I've been doing these previews for my last couple of projects; I'm not sure anyone is seeing them, but here you go! My next project has been submitted and is awaiting approval. This time it is a ship that has been a set in the past, but in my opinion needed a major update, a Theta Class Imperial/Senatorial Shuttle. Check my page out in the next few days to vote on it!

Thank you all for your support and interest!



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