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Retro Refuse Wagon


Thanks for the 200

Thanks to all the supporters who have helped the Retro Refuse Wagon reach 200 supports.
Here's a new image of the Retro Refuse Wagon in situ, as the bins around the back of The Parisian Restaurant are emptied.


A load of rubbish!

Added additional images to the main project page showing the interior of the collection area, where a 4x4 plate with assorted items of rubbish is positioned.
These items could be configured in a variety of ways on the 4x4 plate.


First milestone and beyond

Many thanks to everyone who has helped reach the first milestone quickly.

With that reached, I've made a very slight modification - how should the handles for the large rubbish container on the back of the truck look?

Should the handles be a modified 1x2 plate with bar handle as shown in the original submission image (48366),

or should they be a modified 1x2 plate with door rail (32028)?

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