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Retro Refuse Wagon


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In the Modular Building series, there have been four official vehicles included within sets - plus a GWP vintage car and GWP taxi. That has been the entire vehicle range for a growing modular street scene. 

A modular street / city layout really needs additional era appropriate service vehicles, and so I present a retro design for a refuse wagon / dustbin lorry that will fit right in with the various building designs, and compliment the current range of vehicles.

This submission has been designed to be 6 studs wide - keeping it in the same proportions as the Fire Brigade fire engine, Palace Cinema limousine, Downtown Diner convertible and Corner Garage tow truck.

The refuse wagon / dustbin lorry is also accompanied by two relevant minifigures, along with suitable accessories of a dustbin and a 4x4 plate containing a selection of items of rubbish.

Loosely based on the type of dustbin lorry / refuse wagon seen in the 1950s.
Presented in a dark blue cab and flat silver rear container livery.
Working cab doors, and opening panels for the rear container so that collected rubbish can be dumped into the collection area.
Spade and brush accessories clipped to the sides of the lorry.
A flat silver coloured dustbin accessory.
A 4x4 plate with various items of rubbish - cartons, cans, meat, fruit, etc - that can be positioned in the rear container of the wagon.
A lorry driver minifigure wearing denim jeans, a "donkey jacket" style top and green woollen hat.
A bin collection minifigure wearing denim jeans, a "donkey jacket" style top and grey woollen hat.

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