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Retro Video Game


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This Lego model of mine was inspired by the old Game Boy portable device that Nintendo used to sell.

The inspiration also came from the Nintendo Game Boy that my sisters and I have at home. We still have the pocket-sized game machine, and let me tell you, it is very much smaller than that of this model.

This Retro Portable Video Game (R.P.V.G.) is 307 pieces. It comes with a fake plug that represents a charger, three games to place in the game slot, and of course, the R.P.V.G. itself.

The game that is currently in the R.P.V.G. is some sort of platforming game. Its base is green, and it has a video game control as its logo. This was the thrid game that I built.

The first game I built is on the right. It's a Lego Police game, to where the police car must catch the crook before he gets away. Its base is white, and it has a Police logo on top of it.

The second game I built is in the middle of the main image. It's Solitare! To make it seem more like Solitare, I made the base red, and used the Ace of Spades as the game logo.

The R.P.V.G. itself has some really cool features. It has a functioning on/off switch on the right side. There are also two side buttons on top of this gaming system. Also, there are a lot of cool button decorations.

Thank you all for viewing my projects! Please tell me what you like about this creation, or what needs to be improved. I hope you all of a wonderful day (or night) and I hope to show you all more creations soon. Good bye! (Last two sentences inspired by Ceave Gaming) By cheesy. 10/24/2017

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