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Winter Exploration


Hi everyone,

I am very happy to present you my newest creation: Winter Exploration

This set completes my winter series and surprises with new interesting building techniques. The biggest challenge were the inclinations of the house, which change from floor to floor. These inclinations create an old and abandoned impression and look. Moreover, this house has a lift-off technology, so you can look inside the model. There you can find some old letters, shelves, empty bottels and a lot more. 

The winter atmosphere is created by many icicles on the house and the snow-covered firs. In this winter landscape , a person with his dog explores the old forgotten house. 

This model includes:

  • 1 minifigure
  • 1 dog, owl and rabbit 
  • 2 firs 
  • the house 
  • 2926 bricks 

Here you can find my Modular Old Winter Villa

If you like this model I would be very happy about your support.


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