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1000 supporters!

Hello everyone!
I'm really happy that my project has reached 1000 supports! I didn't think I could get here so fast, I'm really grateful to all those who contributed to this small goal!

it's still a long way, but the hope is there and this is already a great achievement that I want to celebrate with you!

Thank you very much!

I regret to have not  given any update on the project, but at this time I’m totally engaged in another project that I will present soon!
I enjoyed reading all your comments, and I want you to know that I'm not leaving them on the sidelines! I saw that many people asked for Dino, and I want to tell you that even before the presentation of the project I had started working on different models but, because of the small size and lack of appropriate special pieces, none of them was able satisfy me fully and I decided to not add it to the project.
As soon as I complete my second project (it will take a few days) I will try to resume the creation of Dino!
Stay Tuned!


100 supports!

I'm really grateful to all of you for reaching 100 supports! Thank you very much :D!

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