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Auto Repair Shop


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Is your vehicle making weird noises? Due for an oil change or tire rotation? In a collision? 

Well then just take it on down to the Auto Repair Shop, locally owned and family operated for years. This family of auto mechanics will have your car up and running in no time. Stranded out in the open or just had a collision? No worries, they'll pick you up with their trusty tow-truck, and put your car back together while you wait in the waiting room.

This Auto Repair Shop is equipped with everything a mechanic needs to service and repair cars.

Put a car on one of the adjustable lifts and get on the mechanics creeper to investigate that funny noise coming from the underside of the car. If it gets too crowded, the shop swings open to allow for more room so you can have more cars or change the oil with the oil cans and drip pans. When it's time for lunch head to the break room in back to see whats in the fridge. Once the car is fixed up, fill up the gas tank with the fuel pumps sitting outside.

And when the day is done and the shop is closed, the family can work on their special project car.

This set includes five cars:

  • Tow Truck
  • project car (brown) 
  • collision car (red)
  • blue car
  • green truck

five minifigures and every tool and machine you would normally find in a repair garage (see pictures for details). 

I had a lot of fun building this set and I feel it would fit in well with any Lego City or Speed Champions environment and this set is compatible with any Speed Champions or Lego City vehicle.

All you have to do to help fix the broken cars is click those blue support and share buttons to this idea get one step closer to becoming a real set.

Thank you for your support!

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