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Old Fashioned Police Car


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'Allo, 'allo, 'allo. What have we got here then?

In the Modular Building series, there have been four official vehicles included within sets - plus a GWP vintage car and GWP taxi. That has been the entire vehicle range for a growing modular street scene. 

A modular street / city layout really needs additional era appropriate service vehicles, and so I present a design for an old-fashioned police car that will fit right in with the various building designs, and compliment the current range of vehicles.

This vehicle has been designed to be 6 studs wide - keeping it in the same proportions as the Fire Brigade fire engine, Palace Cinema limousine, Downtown Diner convertible and Corner Garage tow truck within the modular street scene.

This old-fashioned police car - affectionately known in Britain in the 1960s as a ‘panda car’ - comes with a “local bobby”, or beat officer, minifigure wearing his distinctive police helmet (when not driving), and alternative hairpiece for when behind the wheel.

  • A traditional British police constable minifigure, wearing a typical old-fashioned police uniform with distinctive police helmet.
  • Additional hairpiece and handcuff accessories that can be stowed away in the rear of the vehicle when not being used by the police constable.
  • A medium azure and white livery, just like the ‘panda’ cars from the 1960s.

Distinctive areas to capture the look of a traditional ‘panda’ car include;
  • Bulbous front and rear wheel arches
  • Unique curved and sloping bonnet / hood 
  • Wide radiator grill design 
  • Simple signage on the driver and passenger ‘doors’
  • Basic vehicle interior with a few simple dashboard dials, a seat and steering wheel.

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