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What is this scene you have stumbled upon? This place should be quiet, still, at rest. It is not. There is movement, things misplaced, and tricks played upon the eyes. There is a story here, but what is being said? Investigate and find out what is this Hallowscene. 


Hello, I envisioned this build while trying to come up with how to decorate my desk at the office for a Halloween contest. I didn't want to go full tilt but instead just wanted something simple but would cause conversation. Now I find myself starring at this build and day dreaming what story's it could be depicting. I hope you enjoy it as well.


The two bricks that really got me going on this build were the 40242 Door Frame, and the base a 52040 Modified Brick with axle holes. Of course, it wouldn't be complete without the glow in the dark minifig head gear cover Ghost Shroud, a classic.

I was not able to render in the chain the ghost holds in the right hand, but with that the build came in at 342 pieces. 

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