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Power Miners: Crystal Queen


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...And those Power Miners thought the Crystal King was scary! Well, long story short, the miners were attracted to those giant purple crystals... only find out that it was the Crystal Queen. Oops! Maybe they shouldn't of impulsively swung their pickaxes. Hopefully the Crystal King isn't hanging around too...

LEGO's Power Miners theme was launched back in 2009 and is still very popular among LEGO fans to this day. This theme is very special to me, as it's part of what got me into LEGO collecting/building. As a kid, I was very sad that they didn't follow up with a Crystal Queen. So here's how I imaged her, complete with new crystal parts in transparent purple.

Thanks for checking out the Crystal Queen! I hope you enjoyed this project. Please support and share  :D

I want it to be clear that this is NOT the Crystal King in a new color. Yes, it uses some of the same parts as the Crystal King, but the entire structure is redesigned with lots of addition parts. 

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