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Vintage Toaster

Hi Everyone!

Let's continue the tradition of making vintage staff! So here it is! This is fully working vintage toaster! The idea was to place toast into the toaster and then pick already toasted version with the different color as in reality. So after a lot of contemplation of its mechanism I finally found the right solution (look instruction page with 4 steps of using). 

Just place the toasts into the toaster, push the handle down, press the button to start toasting and when it is ready, push the handle up and toast will jump up! Your toasts are ready!

I made some video, but I am not really good at 3d animations, so I couldn't add the rubbers and the stretch effect on them, but I think this is good enough to show how it's working :)

- The model consists of 658 pieces (2 rubbers)

I really hope that you'll like this model too and help me with your support.
Thank you so much for your attention!

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