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Sherlock - 221B Baker Street


This Lego is a replica of 221B Baker Street, the residence of the great Sherlock Holmes and John Watson (based of BBC's "Sherlock"). This model has many features that you would find in his apartment.

Some of the bigger, key features are:

  • The two seats on which Sherlock and Dr. Watson sit to solve mysteries and crime
  • The fireplace on the wall
  • The red carpet under their chairs
  • The two large windows Sherlock often stares out of

It also has some smaller things which keen fans may notice!

  • The knife on the mantel
  • The skull on the mantel
  • His violin case near the couch

Sherlock has been a huge success and has been extremely popular for the past few years. The fans of Sherlock are in the millions, and this set could make them all very happy. Please vote for this if you like the set!

PS. The minifigures are in no way finalised. If you have any ideas, comment them and I will try my best to come up with more designs!


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