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Friends - Monica and Chandler's Apartment


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Friends has been one of the most influencial TV shows in the past 30 years. With almost 53 million people watching the show, it has a huge fanbase who have always wanted more merchandise of the show.

Friends is also a TV show that I love. This is the apartment of Monica and Chandler (earlier was Monica and Rachel). It is almost an exact replica of the original set and is really cool for collectors and lovers of the show.

Some cool things about the set:

  1. Made with almost 800 pieces
  2. Color schemes are almost exact replicas of the real ones

Some cool traits:

  1. Joey has his signature 2 pizzas!
  2. Chandler is wearing his work suit.
  3. Phoebe has her acuostic guitar.
  4. Monica's kitchen has her usual oven and fridge

Let's get this to 10,000 likes and makes millions of Friends fans happy!


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