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North Pole Express


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North Pole Express
the train of Christmas wishes


The Story

The North Pole Express passing through the long winter nights around the world, to collect Christmas wishes, the secret letters of the kids to Santa Claus. The magical train contains three wagons: the “Santa’s sled post office”, the red saloon car,  and last, but not least the buffet car with the finest hot chocolate from the North Pole. The train can appear anywhere in the world in the evening hours before Christmas, so don’t be surprised if you see the sled flying alone somewhere in the night sky.


Technical details

However the loco is steam powered by default, you can easily upgrade it to an eco-friendly e-train with a PF motor set. Just open up the boiler and you can install your battery pack. The IR receiver will fit perfectly in the back coal storage.
The train is more than 100 studs long, approx. 80cm/32inch, the station size is 26x8 studs, 20x6.2cm / 8x 2,5 inch.



The set contains 7 minifigures and 2017 parts. You may add an extra piece each year. ; )
The staff are Walter the Conductor, the Post Master Mike, Kathy the Christmas Elf, Eric the Chef and Sean the Snowman.
There are two visitors: a boy and a girl.

The set also contains the forgotten North Pole Station, and the magical compass to find the right way any time you need to.
With the stand alone North Pole buoy you can sign the exact actual position of the North Pole. (Anyway, do you know it is in constant motion? That’s why it’s so hard to find Santa’s secret home.)

Each carriage’s interior design contains several lovely details or hints to discover, to please you even if you build it or play with. This set is intended to help to evoke the spirit of Christmas in our hearts, I hope you’ll like it too.

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