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IL Tempo Gigante from Idea to Final Build and Working


I have created a copy of Il Tempo Gigante final build

From the movie The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix
from 1975

Il Tempo Gigante is the name of a race car as is known from the Norwegian The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix from 1975. The car was designed by the author and illustrator Kjell Aukrust, but being in the film constructed of The bicycle and inventor Gearloose and driven by him in the race he Pinchcliffe Grand Prix. The car has lots of options and different home constructed features, such as two speedometers, where one ends of 250 km / h, and the other takes over and continues to 400.

this model in lego is almost half scale of the one in the movie

I used 1411 bricks to design this model and 100 hours

90 hours were used to paint and construct the real model 

The images is mixed so it´s possible to see the design af the real build

I made the Retometer distributor behind til dashboard like in the movie

I made working steering to the model and added a gear in front of the windscreen to use the steering

I made the motor work so you can se the pistons move when the car i driven and the fan will spin :)

It´s possible to mount motors and servo so u can make it remote controlled

The Toolbox is now able to open

There is only used existing lego bricks to make this real playable model 

18" (49,5cm) long

​8" (21cm) wide

6" (16cm) high

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