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Modular - Train Station


Freight Building to compliment the station

 I want to thank all of the support I've gotten so far. I really appreciate it. I am currently working on an addition to the station, which is a freight office building. It's done in the same style and color scheme as the station so they compliment each other. This is just a teaser, it is a work in progress as can be seen in the photos. I plan to put it on Ideas when it's finished.

Please tell your friends to support the station, we can get to 5000 supporters and beyond! Cheers!



Past the 1000 supporter point!

Thanks to all of you supporters on my little train station project. I really appreciate it being pushed over the 1000 supporter threshold and getting an extension to the time its got. Please tell your Lego friends to come and support it too!



Short video of station

I took some time today to make a short video of the train station and one of my trains traveling through and stopping at the platform. I don't have a lot of space to do anything more elaborate, but I think it shows off the model from different angles. I also placed near it a Cafe Corner modular, to give a little better sense of scale to it. More ideas of how well it would fit in with all the other Lego sets.

Here is a link to the video.

The video is in a Flickr photo album of the station, please take a look, the photos are larger there.

Thanks for all the support so far, going over 520 votes is really great, I hope to see many more, tell your friends! Cheers.


The Taxis have arrived at the station

Hello, I mentioned in my main description that I wanted to have some taxis waiting at the entrance to the station building. I took a couple photos showing them. Also in the background, a train has just arrived at the platform, and the passengers will be disembarking soon, back to their bikes, cars and taxis, into town.. Just a vignette to highlight the many possibilities to fit it into a layout with play potential. Thanks for all the support, and tell your friends, tweet, Facebook, anywhere you might think it would be appreciated. Cheers!

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