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Modular - Train Station


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This is my Lego town train station. Its called Talosville Station, from my user ID  talos on some of the Lego blog sites. It is modular, so the floors come apart to reveal the interior spaces. I have integrated a one stud overhang on two sides to allow for more base plates to be attached to the building, if more ground space is desired. I only added a green area to one side to show how this is done.

The ground floor has a waiting area with seating, and ticket windows with an office. Also on the ground floor, is the Highlander, with tables and seating.

Upstairs on the first floor is the Blueline Cafe. This is a cafeteria style restaurant providing refreshments for the train passengers, with a kitchen, and eating area with tables and chairs. A lot of detail is shown in the food prep and serving area.

The clock tower is accessed by a ladder, that goes up two more levels to the clock room. Each floor is detachable as shown in the photos. The building breaks down into 5 parts.

The train platform has seating, a newspaper vending machine and trash can. Also, in front is a mailbox.

There is a parking area for bicycles and scooters to the right of the entrance.

The color scheme I used is dark orange with tan and dark gray and dark green roofs. The black windows give the impression of industrial age steel frames. The roof has a water tank and some ladders to access the parapets. Also included is an antenna for the train radio communication.

The building is 24 studs deep (including the platform) by 34 studs (including the platform and overhangs 56 studs) wide. Height is 52 bricks tall. Spacer slope bricks allow for your train track sections to easily attach, and keep everything aligned.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have had fun building it. It connects to the standard train track segments easily, and looks great with a train at the platform. I show it with a couple train carriages for scale. Its a great looking period piece of architecture.

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