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Elf: Department Store & Skyscraper

Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the classic holiday movie "Elf" with this modular building set featuring iconic scenes and locations from the film! Set includes a department store, skyscraper, and nine (9) minifigures.

Inside the department store, bring Buddy the Elf up the fully-functioning escalator, or spin him through the revolving doors. On the second story, "Fake" Santa can chase Buddy and knock down miniature LEGO skyscrapers. You can land Santa's Sleigh on the "sleighpad" on the roof, or catapult snowballs with Michael outside.

Inside the skyscraper, Buddy can dance on the revolving table in the mail room, or visit the doctor's office. Upstairs, famous author Miles Finch brings his expertise to the boardroom -- until Buddy shows up. Each floor of both buildings can be separated to maximize play in the rooms inside.

Set comes with 9 minifigures:

  • Buddy the Elf
  • Jovie
  • Walter
  • Michael
  • Miles Finch
  • Gimbels Manager
  • Dr. Leonardo
  • "Fake" Santa
  • Santa Claus

Play features include:

  • Fully-functioning escalator
  • Spinning table function to dance in the mailroom
  • Snowball catapult
  • Miniature "LEGO" skyscrapers that tumble apart
  • Santa's Sleighpad to land the sleigh
  • Revolving doors of department store

Come spread Christmas cheer and sing loud for all to hear with Buddy, Jovie, and the whole gang to celebrate this all-time classic movie.

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