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Ski Lodge & Slope

Ski Lodge & Slope
It’s wintertime at the Ski Lodge again, and this time it has an added slope for skiing and snowboarding. It still has an open back for playability and 2 minifigures - a skier and a snowboarder. Inside, there are two floors. The first floor has a fireplace with 2 comfy chairs and a table, and also has a kitchen with a sink, oven, stove top, and cans. On the second floor, accessible by a ladder, are 2 beds and headstands, each with a lamp. An added bonus to this revised model is an extension of the front yard. It has a sidewalk that has been shoveled into piles of snow, a tree, and a deck with a table. Another new part is the ski slope, on which the skier and snowboarder can balance on in several places. Overall, this build was approximately 650 pieces.

My Favorite Parts/Challenges
My favorite part of this build is the roof shape and kitchen. The reasons the roof is the shape that it is, is because I ran out of regular slopes, and had to use a different size at the top. Despite this not being on purpose, I think the barn shaped roof really fits the build and is one of my favorite parts. In the kitchen, I like the brown cones, that gives it texture, and the stove top design. The biggest challenges in this build were the fireplace and the ski slope. Both of these were challenges because of the angles involved. The fireplace was in a corner, so it was hard to make the interior of it, and the ski slope was tricky because I wanted the tree and flags to be vertical, despite the slope being angled.

Other Notes
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