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The LEGO Globe




I'm so glad to personally say thank you to Robby (supporter 999) and Arne (Supporter 1000)
at Skaerbaek Fan Weekend in Denmark but all of you are fantastic!

The Globe reach the first big milestone, the next challenge will be to reach the 5K Hill.

I've got so many impressions and ideas and just going forward to get the shape more round.


Thank you!


Spin The Globe !!!

Hi to all.

Now you can Spin The Globe and see it more detailed.

If you can't open, check your Pop-up settings and allow this Pop-up window.


Spin The Globe


And please don't forget to Support this Project if you like it, Thank You!


It's almoste done

Hi Community,

first of all, Thaks alot to all!

I get it stable! Now you can spin the Globe.
May i need some little improvements but it is almose stable.

Now i will see, if i get some good pictures to show you.

Thank's all of you so far.



WOW i'm chosen from Staff Picks

Hello everyone,

just a short hello from Motala/Sweden, where i stay for work.

This is not realy an update i only want to say thank you so much for your support so far!

All time i can spend, i going forward to finish the Surface. Right now i need more parts.
As soon i have finished it i'll let you see ;)

You can follow me now on Instagram

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