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Antiques Store Modular Building


New color scheme

Many of you requested a new, less medium-grey color scheme. So here it is!

- Also, a new project that I've submitted today named The Roal Fortune Shipwreck. Please check it out, support and let me know what you think. 

Thank you!



1000 supporters!

Wow! Today Antonio's Antiques has reached 1000 supporters! Thank you all sooooo much! I'm so happy with your help and made it all worth it to design this set. If you have any feedback or ideas to help me on my way to 10.000, please let me know in the comments.

For those who follow my profile, there will be a new set design soon. This time a castle (2400 bricks) with detailed interior and a 8-in-1 functionality that makes it possible to transform the castle into different designs.

Stay tuned and follow for more and please help me share Antonio's Antiques! Thank you!






500 supporters and better 3D renders

It's amazing to already have 500 supporters for this project! Thank you so much!!!

You may have noticed that I'm a bit behind with Anonio's updates but that's because I never thought it would go this fast. December is a very busy month for me and I will catch up in the new year with more specs, updates and Antonio's story that will continue. Till that time, you can help me promoting this project by sharing it with your friends and ask them to support and share. That would be great and help me a lot to make it to the next milestone of 1000 supporters.

In this update I do have some great new images to share that are rendered in a better 3D quality. Enjoy!

Special thanks to B-Man for providing better 3D renders! B-Man is the creator of the School Bus project that you should check out and support:


Have a great Christmas and I hope to see you back soon!


Antonio's Postcards #3 (300+ supports!)

Welcome to part three of Antonio's Postcards! In this update you'll find more about the roof structure of the building and a close up of the toilets interior. Also, the story of Antonio continues after Jack the robber ended up in jail...

* Click images to enlarge...

Toilet interior details
In the image below, you see an expanded view of the toilets interior. By "folding out" the walls, you will get a better view of the inside, proportions and how some parts are build.


Roof structure
The structure of the roof is pretty basic and straightforward. With this structure the roof gets that typical steep shape and structure that fits the Victorian style. The structure itself gets supported at the top and bottom with longer bricks and plates that keep everything into place. This green roof is part of the top floor and is one part with the floor. The flat top roof can be taken off.


The story continues...

It's late already. After a long stay at the police station, Antonio went back to his store. The only thing he can think of right now is the Stone grey One by one brick they have found in Jack's trunk.

Antonio closes the store and looks forward to go home. He first has to get everything inside and go upstairs to get the mail he didn't post. But that's the least he is worried about. What a day!

With his mind still at the event of today, Antonio walks to his desk to get the mail. What he didn't noticed was a bat sitting on his desk. Antonio jumped back and couldn't believe his eyes. A bat in my office? How's that possible? he stumbled. The bat laughed and answered Antonio's question with a short rhyme:

Just look above and not below
Follow the moon and then you'll know

Antonio looked above and saw a bright moon beam. It was shining right trough a hole in the wall like a spotlight. A hole in my building? How is that possible?! It took some time but it already was a very long day for Antonio. Suddenly he understood what was going on here. The bat came in trough a hole in the wall created by Jack the robber. It's the missing One by one! Antonio shouted.

To be continued...

Next update
In the next update I will share some more details and information about the color schemes and materials used for this design. Also, Antonio's story that continues where the next day, Antonio goes looking for clue's at the LEGO ideas project photo's.


Pendulum clock instructions

Pendulum clock instructions
This first build will be a reddish brown German Junghans Pendulum is made out of 7 basic bricks. The instructions are simple and it's a fun small build! Click the images to enlarge and zoom in.

Pendulum viewed from different angles

Parts needed to build this clock

Step by step instructions

A single stud is attached at the back of the clock to connect it with a 87087 brick


Bonus fun fact about Antonio's Antiques!

Did you know that the address of Antonio's store, 7003 Memory Lane is based on one of the first LEGO sets ever? The LEGO 700/3 set was one of the first sets that contained the classic 2x2 and 2x4 bricks that we all know and build with.


Enjoy this build and thank you for checking out this update!


Antonio's Postcards #2 (200+ supports!)

It's time for a second update!
Today this project reached over 200 supports and that's great news! As promised, with every 100 supports, I will post an update with fun facts and extra insights about this set. You can click the images in this update to zoom in. Enjoy this update and please share this with your friends!

Twitter account
Antonio's Antiques now has a twitter account that you can follow for extra updates and share posts on twitter. Twitter link:

Set insights (building structure)
Structure is important to make a solid building that is fun to build. To stay within the maximum of 3000 bricks, the structure of the walls and floors are optimized with minimal usage of bricks. The images below show the buildings structure with outlined bricks.

Open model
This set is so detailed, it's hard to capture it from every angle. This image with the back open, shows a different view of the building and its interior. It also gives perspective to the heights of the ceilings and the staircase trough all floors.


Modular furniture and store items
All furniture in this set is modular. This makes it easy to change objects from floors or from the inside to the outside. Single studs make it easy to remove furniture and objects. The shopping window displays also have secret compartments. Handy to hide small and exclusive items like gold coins, money and jewelry. And lets not forget that in Antonio's Antiques, you can also add your personal items from old sets you treasure yourself.

Empty store with interchangeable furniture and objects.

The corner in the top contains an area with multiple studs to display different compositions of the crystal and glass collection

The window shopping display can be can be removed easily and modified.

Mini figures with the right legs
Somebody noticed I have used the wrong legs for the characters. And he is right. At first, I didn't understand why I couldn't move the figures legs in LEGO Digital Designer. I'm from that LEGO generation that didn't had special legs for kid figures... So I assumed that the legs I used, were normal legs. Anyway, long story short (haha!). Below you'll find an image of the sets characters with the right legs. For the set itself it doesn't matter. There is space enough for the characters to walk around, with normal or short legs.


Jack the robber did it again!
Jack tried to rob Antonio's store again! This time Antonio's was prepared and used his baseball bat to discourage Jack but fortunately officer Stone was near and stopped Jack from his attempt.

Jack ended up in jail. Lets see how long it takes till he tries again...

That's not all...

Officer Stone saw Jacks car around the corner and inside the trunk he found something remarkable. A One by one Medium Stone Grey brick. When he asked Jack about it, Jack could only grin and didn't say a word but mentioned it got something to do with sabotage the LEGO ideas project. The One by one brick is recorded as evidence. Officer Stone is still finding out the story behind this brick so stay tuned!

To be continued...

That's it for this update! Don't forget to check out this projects twitter account please share to gather more support for this project!


Antonio's Postcards #1 (First day 100 supports!)

What a day!
In just a day Antonio's Antiques gathered over 100 supports! First of all a very big thank you to everyone who supported this project. It's great to have an extra year to gather support and post updates. If you wan't to know more about this set, make sure you'll keep an eye on this project and its updates. And most important, please help me and share this with your friends and invite them to vote (maybe subscribe) for this project!

The feedback has been amazing! Al these great comments and the honor to be an Imgur Staff Pick makes it all worth it.

Fun facts and news
- You maybe have noticed the short legs for the characters. You should know that this is a mistake and the characters legs should be adults legs. I didn't noticed this myself and I'm not that experienced with LDD. 

- Did you know that the front page of Old Times is a classic printed LEGO tile? It's also part of the LDD library and now has Antonio's story connected to it. Fun fact is the Fabuland tree in the title. That sure is a trip back to memory lane!

- Someone in the Imgur comments had a great idea to share. With a building like Antonio's Antiques, you can also display your own personal special bricks from your collection. This way Antonio's gets even more special and a great place to display your favorite collector bricks.

- There where 3 submissions of classic ford cars in one day at LEGO Ideas. How fun is that!? Check out these great designs and don't forget to support them.


New images
Some extra images in this update with new angles of the project. Enjoy!

Top views oldtimer car

Roof detail: chimney

Complete set top view

Under construction


Coming soon!

Next update (when I've reached 200 supporters) will be about modular furniture, more set specs and Jack the robber who ended up in jail again... Want to know more? Make sure you support and follow this project!

That's all for now. Thank you for checking out this update!



Made it to the Imgur frontpage and Staff Picks!

Great news! 

This projects post at Imgur is selected to be an official Imgur Staff Pick and also made it to the frontpage! You can check it out at and look for the Staff Picks category or most viral category at the frontpage.

Post url:

Staff Pick

Imgur: "You were awarded the Staff Pick Trophy! Your post impressed and awed the Imgur team. Thanks for sharing awesome content. Here, take this trophy! Check out your gallery profile page to see it in all its majesty!"

Thank you Imgur!! And special thanks to Imgurians who come here and support my project!


High res images for more details and better resolution

Thank you for checking out this first update!

The images I used for this project are made in high resolution but I had some problems keeping the quality good enough for my post. All images that are created for this project are now available in high resolution at Imgur: This post also contains some extra background information about this project!

If you want a download link to a zip file with all high res images, you can find a link in the project description.


Better 3D Renders

I'm looking for someone who can help me make some better 3D renders. I have an old Mac that runs OSX 10.8 and I can't convert LDD files and render them into nice 3D images. I would love to share a project update with better renders so if someone can help we with that, I would he happy to share the LDD file! Please let me know if you can help me with this.

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