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Antiques Store Modular Building


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Antonio's Antiques - A classic modular store with interior

Welcome to Antonio's! This is my design of a classic Victorian modular building. Complete with a detailed interior, four characters and a classic car. A three floor building stuffed and packed with all kinds of great LEGO items. A lot of gold pieces, small hidden details and fun furniture builds. 

Set specs
This set is build on four 16x16 base plates and contains a total of 2993 bricks:

  • Main floor (including interior): 1193 bricks
  • First floor (including interior): 898 bricks
  • Second floor (including interior): 672 bricks
  • Total building + interior: 2849 bricks
  • Rooftop: 86 bricks
  • Classic car: 125 bricks
  • 4 mini figures
  • Lots of gold stuff!

Note: The first version of this design came above a total of 3000 bricks. After a closer look and some modifications at the structures of the floors and walls, the building got even stronger and needs less then 3000 bricks (total set including the characters and car). Without making any concessions to the interior.

High res images zip file download:

Modular floors
All three flours are connected with single studs that make it easier to decorate and play on every floor. The roof top comes off with direct access to the top floor. The roof also contains a chimney and an escape ladder that goes to a hedge.

Modular floors

Modular displays and furniture
All displays and furniture inside and outside the store can be exchanged with objects and furniture from the other floors. This way it's possible to play different stories connected to the objects that are for sale in the store or hidden at the top floor. 

Antonio's story
This set comes to life with the story of Antonio who travels the World to find classic and rare antique objects with a story. He is a brave and strong man that has been from the grand pyramids of Giza to the Mayan temples in northern Belize. In his store, you'll find objects with stories and myths from all over the World and any culture. 

Antonio's scrapbook

Meet the characters!
Meet Jack, Louise, Charlie and Antonio. Jack is a robber and already tried a hundred times to break into Antonio's store. Antonio is a brave old man and has no fear. He keeps his baseball bat under the counter just in case Jack tries again. Louise and Charlie are a couple that travel around to find the best antiques to invest in. 

An amazing collection of antiques
Antonio traveled the world for the most special and exclusive antique objects. His store is a treasure of stories and special LEGO bricks. If you look closely, you'll find a lot of gold and special items like haunted masks and objects of antiquity. Antonio loves to tell a story about every object and also about his adventures and victories.

The 1930 Ford A-Coupe
Antonio is a man of many habits. He love's his first car, a Ford A-Coupe in perfect shape. This is the first car he bought from the money he earned working for his father. He travels the world with it and washes it every sunday morning. He also won the very coveted Oldtimer of the year award and made it to the front page of the Old Times Newspaper. 

Project specs
The architecture of this building is a classic three floor Victorian building in the center of London. With a lot beautiful decoration on the outside, original interior and high ceilings on the inside, this building is a historical pearl of the romantic medieval Gothic revival style. The address is: Memory Lane 7003. 

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