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Junkshop: The SpendSwift


Mecabricks Render!

Here's a render of Jay's mom from!!


Sorry guys...

I really want to update this - I have the models and everything - but I don't have the time to render the pics :(

I've been doing some other stuff... I might make another Ninjago project soon... I'll see if I get inspired enough with this. :)


New pics coming soon!

I've been working on a complete revamp and I have finished building and started rendering the pictures again... I won't spoil, but I'm removing the Awakened Warrior, added more details in the wall, and added my jet to the cover photos ;)


Would you like to buy Prime Empire?

New additions include Prime Empire and Master Wu's lesson book.


Junkshop: The SpendSwift vs. Spectron: Rescue

Currently, my projects are tied with 119 supporters.

Which will get a supporter first?!


Kai's FlameRider is on Mecabricks!

Please like it!

Feel free to take a render, I don't mind at all 😁

Thanks for all your support guys! Once again, don't foget to share...


More JUNK!!!

I fixed up the Djinn Blade a bit, more show accurate now. Also, added limited edition Starfarer mags and Ninjagon newspaper. Additionally, I now include a bottle of anti-venom from the Fangpyre tribe.


FlameRider V2

Re-rendered: changed the position though ;)


Kai's Jet

Thanks to the indibnible advice of @Greenflame24 (who is awesome, check out his ideas!) and his sharp eye, I present to you about this newe model: Kai's Jet!


I'm planning on changing the yellow-y bits, unless you guys like it as is ;)


Without further adieu, I present V1 of Kai's Flame Rider!

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