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Junkshop: The SpendSwift

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OK, if you're actually going to read this, please support now.

As my first ever fully digital model, I would like to introduce you to the SpendSwift. Based on Ninjago, and built to celebrate it's 10th anniversary, I put an easter egg from most seasons (and some other themes!) in here. 

I built this because Ninjago has a prodigious lack of normal buildings. I decided to make Ronin's shop in the City of Stiix, so I could show how much of a bounty hunter he is. He even has Monkie Kid's staff (he stole it from the Minfigures Series). I also included ninja action figures (even though my printing is terrible), several posters, and a flame-y thing for Kai.

I think this would make a great collectors item for ninjago fans, and for general LEGO easter eggs, as I've put as many as I can into this set. I hope you enjoy.

I also included in this project one of the minifigures I, and all other Ninjago fans want: an older elemental master. (I might add Lilly later). The one I included is Jay's mother, and if this got 10k, we would finally have an official name for her!!!

I also included a new headprint for Dareth, and some more details on Ronin. 

Since I am still a TFOL, please comment! I would love some constructive criticism/advice from some of you older, more experienced builders... (and, of course, you newbies who spot something even AFOLs miss.)

Thanks, and please rate, support, and share!

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