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Old Winter Museum


Old Winter Museum

In the deepest winter stands this beautiful old museum. It is surrounded by nine snow-capped firs. For the top of the firs I used a part of a carrot. Between the firs is a small seat with a lanternThere is also a hare who tries to get to the museum.

The many small and large pillars of the museum were very difficult to get into the model. But this has made this museum its distinctive characterand expression. In addition, it was difficult to create the individual roofs with snow. 
Together, museum and landscape create a harmonious atmosphere. For this reason I alos decided to use harmonic colors.
Furthermore, the museum consists of three stroreys, each of them van be removed. So you have a nice view into the interior decorations.
I think that this set will make many people happy. 
In my opinion this set is ideal for the series Expert or Exclusive. Especially in the winter series it would fit very well.
If you like this model I would be very happy about your support.




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