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About the Moomins
The Moomins is originally a Finnish book series written and illustrated by Tove Jansson. The books were released between 1945 and 1993. Since then the Moomin books have been adapted in multiple children tv series, and movies. As well as  two Theme Parks; Moominworld located in Finland and Akebono Children's Forest Park located in Japan. Moomin also collaborates with clothing brands and crockery makers. In fact, in Norway where I live, almost every household owns some or almost all of the beloved Moomin Mugs.

Why i built this concept for a LEGO Moominvalley Set 
Like so many other 90s/2000s kids, I grew up watching the dutch-japanese-finnish Moomin Anime children tv series released in 1990. The series gained popularity in Japan and in many of the European Countries, especially the Nordic countries. When I built this LEGO Moominvalley set, I based it on the previously mentioned TV series. 

Moomin is all about Family, Friends and Adventure. Trove Jansson has really created a magical world with fantastical unique creatures, every creature with their own signature quirk. 

I think the LEGO Brand Values (Imagination, Creativity) and Moomin’s  themes (Family, Friends, Adventure) compliment each other so well, sharing common ground in their values.

About the set
This set has a total of 833 pieces. The set depicts what I think are the 3 most iconic locations of Moominvalley: The Moominhouse, Snufkin’s Campsite by the Moominvalley River and The Bathing-House. All three locations can be displayed individually. Or you can connect them together to create a beautiful Moominvalley diorama. Proudly displaying your love for both Lego and Moomin!

This set contains the following 6 Minifigures, 5 of them with brickbuilt heads:






-Mr. Hemulen

+A Little My Micro Figure

Details referencing to the Moomin Tv Series(1990)

Details at the Moominhouse

Moominmamma's lovely outdoors pancake breakfast!

Moominpappa's shovel. When The Hobgoblin came to Moominvalley granting wishes, the only thing Mr. Hemulen wished for was to fix Moominpappa's shovel that he accidentally broke. Despite Moominpappas telling him to wish for something for himself.

Pumpkin. Moominmamma planted pumpkin seeds. The pumpkin seeds grew into a giant pumpkin, and the Moomin Family with friends hosted an extraordinary pumpkin feast with all sorts of delicious pumpkin food!

The Hobgoblin's Hat. A mysterious and magical hat. It belongs to the Hobgoblin. Moomintroll got quite scared once playing hide and seek hiding in this hat, as it made his appearance change entirely! Luckily he turned back to normal when comforted by Moominmamma.

Details at the Bathing-House

Heart-shaped shell. A beautiful gift from Snorkmaiden to Moomintroll.

Baby Dragon. Moomintroll catched what he thought was a crayfish. Turned out it was probably the last dragon on earth!

Thingumy and Bob's suitcase. They're very secretive about what's in it.

The King's Ruby. Who does it righteously belong to? Thingumy and Bob, The Hobgoblin or The Groke?

A Ship's Telescope. Moomintroll found this at sea during an adventure exploring the secrets of the Hattifatteners.

Invisible Shrew Mouse. Invisible Shrew Mice lives in the Bathing-House together with Too-Ticky.

Gold! If the Moomin Family's friend Sniff is not sleeping or eating, he's searching for gold and treasures!

How can you help giving this set a chance to become real?

If you’d like this Moominvalley set to have the possibility of becoming a real set, please support it on the LEGO Ideas page. And share it amongst both the LEGO and Moomin Fan communities! Your support means everything for me and this project, I truly appreciate you! 

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