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UCS V-Wing Fighter

This is my Ultimate Collector Series-version of an Republic V-Wing Starfighter.

The model is about 40 cm long, 30 cm wide and 25 cm high
The ship is painted in red, white and grey.

It´s functions:
- turnable Astromech-droid head
- foldable wings
- moving deflector shield projectors
- opening cargo hatch

Here you have a closer look into the cockpit.
The white circle would be the Republic emblem and the Astro-droid would be painted.

Here you can see the main function: When you turn the pin at the back around, the wings will "fold" up/down in the flying or landing mode.

I know, the two v-wing models of LEGO had wings, which TURN in landing position, but the "original" V-wing Starfighter had foldable wings, just like this model.

Side view of the model.

Top view

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