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The LEGO Pilot's Airport Terminal

The LEGO Pilot's Airport Terminal

The proposed new home for all LEGO Aviatiors and Travellers!

Large, spacious terminal with:

Top Floor

  • multiple Check-in desks, with dedicated First and Business class desks
  • OneBrick Ticket Sales desk
  • 2 Security Lanes (metal detectors, xray machines and accessories)
  • OneBrick First Class Lounge (bar, sofas, buffet table)

Middle Floor

  • Departures area
  • 2 Gates (gate agent desks and seating areas)
  • Duty Free Shop
  • Male and Female Toilets
  • Bar/Restaurant (seating areas, bar and kitchen)
  • 2 moveable Airbridges (connect to LEGO Planes)

Ground Floor

  • 2 Aircraft Stands (compatible with LEGO set 3182 Aircraft)
  • Passport/Border Control
  • Baggage Reclaim (2 baggage belts, Customer service/enquires desk, trolleys)
  • Customs (Nothing to Declare and Goods to declare channels)
  • Arrivals waiting area (vending machine, seats, pay phones and Information screens)
  • Coffee Shop
  • Information desk


  • Airport Signage and Flight Information Screens throughout.
  • Escalators between all levels
  • Modular design for easy access and play

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