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Big Steam Tractor


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Here comes the big, powerful Steam Tractor! It's a large model, approx. 12" long, loaded with Technic functions, just like the real thing. Watch the piston of the steam engine move, while the slide controls the steam inlet to the cylinder. See the regulator spin as the machine picks up speed. Engage the clutch to couple the engine to the drive train; there's a two-speed gear box included. A differential distributes the driving power among both rear wheels, so the machine can make turns without losing grip. The steering mechanism has just the right gear ratio to allow comfortable steering and swiveling of the heavy front axle. Attach the removable canopy to protect the engineer from the weather.

The basic configuration of the model allows for different themes, so I would like to make this a three-in-one project.

Convert your tractor to a Showman's Engine by attaching the dynamo and the long canopy with the electric light bulbs! The machine can be equipped with Power Functions and remote control for driving, steering, and lighting. I keep the battery pack on a trailer that doubles as a water tanker.
Or make it a crane, with even more Technic functions! Check out the pictures, the crane mechanism is driven from the same axle that drives the regulator. Another clutch is provided to either couple the winch to the steam engine, or to a ratchet mechanism that stops the string from unwinding. The crank at the front is available in both cases.
Of course you can turn the steam tractor into a steam roller, too! This was actually the first model I built, after figuring out a sensible way of making wheels and roller. This machine really looks like business, with or without the canopy attached. I'd love to see it in green with red (or dark red) wheels, though. A steam roller has never been made by Lego, not even in the old days, and only the god of bricks knows why. Maybe it's because many of the round parts only appeared in the last few years?

I kindly ask you to support this project, if it appeals to you. Or maybe you could share it with somebody you think might like it? So far, no Technic-flavored project has ever made the 10.000 votes on Lego ideas, so I tried to make this look just like a very detailed Lego model loaded with functionality. Let me know what you think about it. I appreciate every single comment that gives me the chance to improve this project with time.

Thank you so much for bearing with me,

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